Ola Kvernberg - Steamdome Vol. 2

Following the release of Steamdome in 2018, Ola Kvernberg and his septet have played over 60 concerts. The commission success continues!


With sold out concerts in venues like club Oslo's large living room Rockefeller, and playing for 6000 people at Romsdalsmuseet in 2018, Steamdome have had great success.

The success started in 2016 when Ola Kvernberg preformed as Artist In Residence at Moldejazz and the Steamdome project was initiated as a collaboration between Moldejazz and Jazzfest.

Ola returns to the anniversary festival in 2021 - with the same ensemble, and new music!

The new version of Steamdome dig deeper into the club beat, and will expand in both acoustic and electronic direction. With pump organ and prepared piano, as well as drum machine and synthesizer, Steamdome "VOL 2" will continue where the first album left off - on the dance floor.

Ola Kvernberg - Fiddle, viola, guitar, synth, prepared piano, organ, percussion.
Erik Nylander - Drums, drum machines, percussion.
Eivind Helgerød – Percussion, Olaf Olsen - drums, percussion.
Daniel Buner Formo - Organ, synth, keyboards.
Nikolai Hængsle - Bass.
Øyvind Blomstrøm - Guitars, pedal steel.
Erlend Solli Aune - Sound.

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