Lauritz Skeidsvoll

The award winning Jazz talent Lauritz Skeidsvoll with music inspired by life in the sea

Storyville (PLASSEN) 380,- fees incl.

Last year, Sparebank 1 SMN's jazz talent award went to the brothers Isach and Lauritz Skeidsvoll from the small village of Kleive in Molde.

As children, they played in the same band, but after high school Lauritz went to Oslo-and Isach to Bergen to study music.

In 2019, Lauritz established the band "Quite a View". It is the first project where he writes and plays his own compositions. To perform this, Skeidsvoll has picked out five fantastic musicians - all with their distinctive artistic voice. The music draws a lot of inspiration from the world of film music, and composers such as Thomas Newman, the Icelandic band ADHD and Ola Kvernberg.

In the composition process, Lauritz has been conscious of his passion for life below the sea surface; wildlife, colors and landscapes, and tries to recreate the moods he gets by seeing and studying this. He has always been fascinated by marine life, and is concerned about the condition of animals, plants and other organisms that live there.

In the music Lauritz has specially written for this concert on Moldejazz 'opening day, meditative drones and powerful, expressive melodies meet in open and sonorous landscapes.

Lauritz Skeidsvoll, saxophone, Torstein Slåen, guitar, Peder Skeidsvoll, trumpet, Frida Nøstdahl Hjelle, piano, Henrik Sandstad Dalen, bass, Steinar Mossige, drums.

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